Humanity Protocol launches Dream Play to empower entrepreneurs across Africa and Asia

 Grand News Network  May 10, 2024

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 10th May 2024 – A significant milestone for the startup ecosystem has been initiated by Humanity Protocol with the launch of Dream Play, a groundbreaking 40-day accelerator program designed to empower entrepreneurs and startups from the ground up. Leveraging a structured process reminiscent of “Monopoly”, Dream Play offers a comprehensive development cycle, into four intensive 10-day phases encompassing personal branding, business planning, financial modeling, and mentorship.

Humanity Protocol launches Dream Play to empower entrepreneurs across Africa and Asia


Dream Play’s model is tailored to incubate and accelerate ideas with potential, culminating in a pitch to a panel of judges. Participants can earn one of three unique rewards based on their performance: the Golden Touch, Golden Ticket, or the prestigious Golden Hand. The Golden Touch allows entrepreneurs to create their own meme coin and gain community investment, enhancing their project’s visibility and viability. The Golden Ticket fast-tracks a project directly to the semifinals of the Dream Play tournament, bypassing early competition. The Golden Hand signifies a project’s exceptional potential, leading to a partnership with the Humanity Protocol itself, promising substantial support and resources.

“Coinciding with this innovative program, we are excited to announce the fair launch of the Dream Play Token (DPLY), which will serve as the ecosystem’s currency”, said Mr. Marcus Dukes, President of Humanity Protocol. 

Dream Play’s unique tournament structure includes multiple cycles and culminates in a grand finale with 10,000 entrants. Each entrant must engage in a series of registrations and purchases that not only propel their projects forward but also contribute to the token’s economy. 

This dual mechanism is set to create a robust economic model that supports both the platform’s growth and its participants’ success. The Dream Play Token will play a crucial role in governance, allowing token holders to vote on future developments and directions of the ecosystem. 

The first of the Dream Play tournaments will feature three distinct categories: Communication, Distribution, and Financial Commands, each designed to test and enhance the participants’ business acumen and innovation. The second tournament will focus on Labor, Payments, and Identity, pushing the boundaries of traditional business sectors.

The introduction of the Dream Play Token as a financial instrument for sustainable development for a new generation of entrepreneurs that will enable individuals to demonstrate their capabilities and access resources that can elevate their projects from concepts to viable business ventures. 

According to Dukes, “entrepreneurship is the spark that ignites progress in any economy. At Humanity Protocol, we believe that providing a platform like Dream Play can turn that spark into a sustainable fire of income generation and empowerment, particularly for those who have traditionally been left out of the economic narrative.”

For more information on how to participate in Dream Play or to become a part of its growing community, visit our website or contact our support team. Join us in shaping the future of entrepreneurship!

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