SolSpend Transforms Crypto Off-Ramps on Solana Blockchain

 Grand News Network  March 31, 2024

London, United Kingdom, 30th Mar 2024 – SolSpend, an innovative project on the Solana blockchain, is reshaping the landscape of crypto off-ramps with its cutting-edge approach. Serving as the primary Non-KYC off-ramp on Solana, SolSpend provides users with a seamless way to convert their crypto holdings into real-world spending power, eliminating the need for cumbersome KYC procedures.

SolSpend Transforms Crypto Off-Ramps on Solana Blockchain

Key Features Enhancing User Convenience:

Non-KYC Off-Ramp: SolSpend offers a hassle-free solution for off-ramping crypto without requiring KYC verification, ensuring a smooth experience for users.

Gift Cards from Top Retailers: Users can conveniently purchase $SPEND gift cards for leading retailers like Amazon, Uber, DoorDash, and Airbnb directly using Solana.

Swift On-Chain Confirmations: Leveraging the efficiency of the Solana Blockchain, SolSpend ensures that purchased gift cards or prepaid Visa/Mastercards are delivered faster than competitors.

Cost-Effective Transactions: Through integration with Solana, SolSpend reduces product costs and transaction fees, providing users with the most economical option available.


Impressive Milestones Achieved:

In just 96 hours since its launch, the SolSpend Telegram bot has generated over $40,000 in revenue, distributing over 450 e-gift cards to users. In response to this success, the SolSpend team has distributed the first revenue share of $5000 to holders.


Exciting Partnership Announcement:

SolSpend has partnered with the renowned multi-chain sniper bot prodigy sniper, integrating the SolSpend bot into their platform. This collaboration offers users a convenient Non-KYC off-ramp solution.

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$SPEND Roadmap Overview:

Phase One: SolSpend launches the beta version for the SolSpend Telegram bot, integrates prepaid Visa/Mastercard support, conducts a seed round, KYC, and contract audit, and lists the SolSpend presale on Solpad. Additionally, the company announces partnerships and commits to continuous UI improvements.

Phase Two: SolSpend expands its offerings by integrating additional on-chain payment methods (BNB/BASE/ETH) into the SolSpend Bot while focusing on ongoing UI and user experience enhancements.

Phase Three: SolSpend plans to further diversify its services by enabling the direct purchase of precious metals via the SolSpend Bot.

Committed to transparency, security, and empowering crypto enthusiasts globally, SolSpend invites individuals to join them on this exciting journey as they redefine crypto off-ramps.


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About SolSpend:

SolSpend is a pioneering project on the Solana blockchain, dedicated to revolutionizing crypto off-ramps. Offering a seamless and cost-effective solution, SolSpend empowers users to convert their crypto holdings into real-world spending power effortlessly.


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